My notes about Life Technologies Sequencing at the Tipping Point meeting at San Diego CA

It was a great meeting. I really liked the Sequencing at the Tipping Point meeting in San Diego, CA. I attended almost all conferences and workshop sessions like Ion Torrent, Semiconductor Sequencing, LifeTech news,Biomedical,Cancer, Bioinformatics Workshop about BioScope, Craig Venter conference, Core Lab Workshop and more important conferences.


I made this video with my old Iphone 3G mobile, I  just recorded a little the Personal Genome Machine Instrument. I am surprised by this new sequencer acquired by LifeTechologies from the IonTorrent company.

I really enjoyed the breakfast,lunch and dinner time where I’m drank a beer with good friends that I met such as Derek Blankenship(left) phD from Institute for Health Care from Dallas and Robert Kirkwood (right) from University of Washington and also I met Janine McMurdie and we were talking about BioScope software tool.

I’m  sorry I almost forgot but I also met a gentleman Alfredo Hidalgo(Inmegen) and other nice  people from Mexico.

Robert later told me about bioscope’s feedback meeting…

at the bioscope’s meeting I talked a little about improve Bioscope’s process installation because in my experience when you begin to install Bioscope in your cluster environment maybe you will need people who has knowledge about linux shell commands and java, later when you finished installation you will need test  bioscope’s performance and finally you will need to learn how to use Bioscope’s cli or  its web user interface.

I really like Bioscope, I installed Bioscope , it is a good Bioinformatics tool to analyze the SOLiD data.

Congratulations to the Bioscope’s team, Bioscope’s software architects, head bioinformatics support, senior managers and everyone who are involved and participating in the project.

Last year I developed a small hack in Bioscope’s web user interface, I mean I was developing extra help menu and dialog option to display help weblinks (tutorials, guides, manuals and so) using jrf. url:

some screenshots about meeting..

at dinner time I met Jason Smith (senior bioinformatics) from Life Technologies, Min Li from the Partek Company and Hugh from Geospiza Inc.

The Jody’s McIntyre workshop titled “Core Lab Wokshop” was very interesting and important, my opinion is that we need to use social media today as a free resources like Facebook or Twitter because they are free resources for your bussines and also you can keep all your customers informed about any changes, news and technical support. I mean if you know how to use social media you can increase your bussiness quickly. SOLiD University, SOLiD Center, SOLiD Community and SOLiD Web Site they are very important resources for customers.

That’s all

Thanks for the Life Technologies Sequencing at the Tipping Point meeting.

Thanks to dr. Luis Herrera Estrella and Beatriz Jimenez at Langebio-Cinvestav for support me.

Thanks to Applied Biosystems Mexico team (Sandra Balladares, Mario Posadas, Herbert Garcia and more important people) for support me.