Fixed Gap2Caf Tools for MIRA 4.x Genome Assembly


In past days I was trying to assemble , using denovo method of course, mapped SOLiD reads using MIRA assembler and the results were successful. The mira assembler generate full assemblie formats like caf or maf and other formats like fasta, quality value, wig and tcs files, I´m sure that you will need to convert formats to reach some tools like assembly viewers, editors or scaffolders.

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How to De Novo Sequence Assembly using SOLiD reads? (first part)

El ensamblado “De Novo” se refiere a ensamblar la secuencias de cada lectura en contigs o scaffolds sin una secuencia de referencia, caso contrario cuando al alineamiento de las lecturas se usa una secuencia de referencia que comúnmente le denominan en ingles “re-sequencing” o “referenced assembly”. Por lo pronto dejo disponible un diagrama del flujo…

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