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Angelica Cibrian-Jaramillo

Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics

Angelica Cibrian-Jaramillo

Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics

We investigate patterns of genomic variation in plants seeking to uncover the evolutionary processes that underlie the diversification of species throughout natural habitats. We work within two areas in evolutionary biology to answer this question: population genetics and phylogenomics. At the population-level, we use traditional genetic and NextGen genomic tools to elucidate the role of geographic barriers and biological traits in shaping spatial and temporal population patterns. At the species level we combine phylogenetics and genomics to reconstruct species relationships and understand how gene innovations enabled species to adapt and evolve.

We are a new lab, new students and postdocs are welcome to apply!
EMAIL: acibrian@langebio.cinvestav.mx

CURRENT PROJECTS and PEOPLE, in a nutshell:

  • Population genomics of crop wild relatives: reconstructing the domestication history of pumpkin (Cucurbita) and chile pepper (Capsicum).
  • Comparative genomics of ancient and modern genomes (pumpkin and chile pepper)

  • Comparative genomics of cycads (Dioon) and their root bacteria
  • Phylogenomics to identify genes underlying plant evolution.

We were granted a DEANN Marie Curie fellowship to exchange students and postdocs in Europe:


We collaborate closely with the Barona Lab,
attempting to create links between evolution and biological chemistry.

Other collaborators include Ruairidh Sawers, Rob Dunn, Dennis Stevenson, Sergios Kolokotronis, Rob DeSalle. We are also part of the Montgomery Botanical Center. Our conservation work in Mexico includes collaborations with the CONAPN, and Danae Cabrera Toledo, Miguel Angel Farrera, Jorge Gonzalez-Astorga and Andrew Vovides, all cycad specialists.

Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LangebioGenomicaEcologica?ref=hl

Genomics of Domestication
Sara Covarrubias (PhD) -- covsajim@gmail.com
Fernanda Guízar (MSc) -- fernanda90gz@gmail.com

Cycads and their bacteria
Pablo Cruz (Postdoc) -- pcruz@langebio.cinvestav.mx
Pablo Suarez Moo (PhD) -- pablolosuarez@gmail.com
Josian Corona (MSc) -- gocanjo@hotmail.com
Paco Gabriel Pérez (MSc) -- paco.peretz@gmail.com

(check out our Lab Members page for details!)

As part of our Scientific Outreach, a little paper on phylogenomics here for the Guanajuato community in Ide@s.

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