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Luis Herrera-Estrella (CV) -old

Principal Investigator

Luis Herrera-Estrella (CV) -old

Principal Investigator


Full Professor and Director of Langebio



Phone, office

+52 (462) 166-3002

Phone, lab

+52 (462) 166-3000, ext. 3068


Email lherrera@ira.cinvestav.mx


Physiology and Metabolic Engineering of Plants.


1972-1977 B.Sc. Biochemistry Engineering (ENCB)

1978-1980 M. S. Genetic and Biology Molecular Department. Research Center and Advanced Studies, of National Polytechnic Institute.

1981-1984 PhD Genetic Department, State University, Gante Belgium.

Dr. Herrera-Estrella has made important contributions to the field of plant molecular biology, especially in the study of gene regulation and in the development of gene transfer methods, which later became a very important tool to develop gene transfer systems for economically important crops. Current research is primarily focused to the development transgenic plants better adapted to marginal soils and Genomics Analysis of endemic plants from Mexico.

In 2004, strongly promoted the creation of the National Laboratory of Genomics for Biodiversity (Langebio)

Research Interests

Molecular mechanisms regulating the development of plant roots in response to environmental factors. Identification of regulatory sequences of genes regulated by phosphorus deficiency. Study of phospholipases in signaling and mobilization of phosphorus. Sequencing the genomes of plants and microorganisms. Production of transgenic plants. Study models: Arabidopsis, Corn, Tobaco.

Education and training
































Member of the board of Biotechnology Action Council of UNESCO

Member of the Researchers National System : Researchers National Level III

International Scholar by "Howard Hughes Medical Institute"

Designate Director of the "Biotechnology and Education Center de la UNESCO" in the Cinvestav Unidad Irapuato

Member of the board Scientific Advisory of of the Biotechnology Program of the University of United Nations

Elected member of Iberoamerican Molecular Biology Organisation (IMBO)

Elected member of the Academy of Scienc of America Latina (ACAL)

Designate President of the International association of Molecular Biology of Plants

Member of the board Scientific Advisory of International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB)

Designated INVESTIGADOR NACIONAL DE EXCELENCIA - Sistema Nacional de Investigadores January 2003-December 2012

Elected Foreign Member of Academy of Sciences of The United States

Elected member of Mexican Academy of Sciences.

Elected Member of the Academy of Sciences Third Word (TWAS)

Elected member of The New York Academia Sciences.


Award for the best Graduate Student awarded by the President of the Republic

Minuro and Ethel Tsutsui Research Award of the New York Academy of Sciences - U.S.A.

The Javed Husain prize from UNESCO

Lázaro Cárdenas Presea as a Distinguished Graduate of National Polytechnic Institute- Mexico

Golden medal, awarded to the best inventors by the World Intellectual Property Organization OMPI)

National Science Prize awarded by the Mexican government in the field of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences

International Recognition for promoting science and technology in Developing Countries, “The 2007 Trieste Science Prize, in agricultural Sciences”. Trieste Italia.

ASPB Prize (American Society of Plant Biologist) Leadership in Science Public Service.

“Heberto Castillo” Prize awarded for the Science and Technology Institute of Distrito Federal. “Raúl Rojas González” Prize.

Recognition by Thomson Reuters and Cinvestav for having published the most cited article in the Agriculture Area in the last decade.

Publications list

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