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Rafael Montiel

Nuclear-Mitochondrial Interaction and Paleogenomics

Rafael Montiel

Nuclear-Mitochondrial Interaction and Paleogenomics

Research interests:

Our group is interested in the study of Evolutionary Genetic Interactions and their functional implications. We use different models and tools to understand these interactions at different levels, from the nuclear-mitochondrial to the host-pathogen-symbiotic interactions. Also, in collaboration with other groups in Langebio, we are participating in the study of plant domestication, a human-plant interaction model. Using omic approaches (including paleogenomics) and bioinformatic tools, we are looking for evolutionary patterns to find out candidate genes to assess the relationship between specific signatures of selection and function, and we are developing a nematode model useful to analyze some of these genes.

Lab Members:

Dr. Rafael Montiel – Principal Investigator

M. Sc. Hilda E. Ramos-Aboites - Research assistant (also in the lab of Dr. Barona-Gómez)

M. Sc. Christian E. Martínez-Guerrero – Research assistant (also in the lab of Dr. Barona-Gómez)

Dr. Karla Sandoval Mendoza – Posdoc (in collaboration with Dr. Moreno-Estrada)

M. Sc. Mitzi Flores-Ponce – Ph.D. student

M. Sc. Jorge Noé García-Chávez – Ph.D. student (co-directed by Dr. Saúl Villa-Treviño)

M. Sc. Miguel A. Vallebueno-Estrada – Ph.D. student (co-directed by Dr. Vielle-Calzada)

Biol. Yuliza Tafoya-Alvarado – M. Sc. student (co-directed by Dr. Milan Janda)

Biol. Erika Landa – M. Sc. student (co-directed by Dr. Moreno-Estrada)

Sara E. García - M.Sc. student (co- directed by Dr. Vielle-Calzada) 

Eduardo González
– Undergrad student

Mauricio Campa
– Undergrad student
B. Sc. Ricardo Gamboa Gil Duarte Ferreira – External M. Sc. student (University of the Azores, Portugal)

José Luis Steffani-Vallejo – Collaborator

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