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Francisco Barona-Gomez

Evolution of Metabolic Diversity

Francisco Barona-Gomez

Evolution of Metabolic Diversity

We are interested on the evolutionary and mechanistic aspects that allowed for the appearance of bacterial metabolism, including the genes, enzymes and metabolites, from a phylogenomics perspective. We use the group of actinobacteria, in particular Streptomyces, to experimentally and computationally explore evolutionary hypothesis, as well as comparative enzymology for the study of homologous enzyme families in vitro. Successful reconstruction of actinobacterial pathways starting from genomics data, has allowed us to postulate and explore novel hypothesis for the evolution of enzyme substrate-specificities. Similarly, the efficient reconstruction of metabolic pathways that direct the synthesis of novel and complex natural products, has allowed us to investigate the potential biological roles of these metabolites, as well as the driving evolutionary forces behind the diversification of these biosynthetic pathways.

Lab Members:

Dr. Francisco Barona Gómez – Principal Investigator

M. Sc. Hilda E. Ramos-Aboites - Research assistant (also in the lab of Dr. Montiel-Duarte)

M. Sc. Christian E. Martínez-Guerrero – Research assistant (also in the lab of Dr. Montiel Duarte)

Dr. Pablo Cruz Morales – Posdoc

Dr. Cuauhtémoc Licona – Posdoc

Dr. Karina Verdel Aranda– Posdoc

Dr. Cesar Aguilar Martínez – Posdoc

M. Sc. Ana Juárez– Ph.D. student

M. Sc. Ernesto Verduzco – Ph.D. student

M. Sc. Nelly Selem – Ph.D. student

M. Sc. Pablo Suárez Moo – Ph.D. student (co-directed by Dr. Angélica Cibrian)

M. Sc. Karina Gutierrez – Ph.D. student (co-directed by Dr. Flores-Cotera)

Erasmo Huizache Cerrito – M. Sc. student (co-directed by Dr. Ruairidh Sawers)

Paulina Mejía – M. Sc. student

Daniel Bustos – M. Sc. student

Mariana Vallejo – Research grantee

José Luis Steffani-Vallejo – Lab Technician

Alejandra Castañeda
– Undergrad student

Romina Berni - Administrative assistant

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